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Nearly 200 Glass Colors Open a New World of Color Design in the Kitchen!

Ever hear of a Range Hood that looks like Wall Art? 

Ever hear of a range hood that can come with a glass front

in face colors like red, green, orange, black, blue or even purple?


Ever hear of a range hood made out of Corian®?...(yes....the Countertop Material !)

....or an illuminated range hood recessed into your ceiling

that is simply gorgeous!  


If not, then welcome to StreamLine Hoods........

Unique and Innovative Solutions for the Kitchen!


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Whether your kitchen design calls for an ultra-slim contemporary stainless- steel hood, a more traditional design, or a custom glass accent color

Streamline Hoods has it all and  can complement your specific style    
offering modern and contemporary range hoods that are functional, colorful
and gorgeously artistic.

Streamline Hoods is the Exclusive USA National Distributor of high-end
residential kitchen range ventilation hoods manufactured and imported from  Europe and now the ONLY US Company Authorized the sell Corian Range Hoods in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Streamline glass front panels can be made in ANY of over 200 RAL Colors or can be made in the same finish as your appliances or cabinetry.  Streamline can customize your colored glass front with your choice of silkscreened art in photos, stock floral designs or other Art Deco type designs from Streamline.  The silkscreened glass panel or photo can be changed at any time in the future.


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Streamline Hoods is pleased to announce that beginning August 2014 we will also be offering a line of lower priced range hoods for customers looking for range hoods that are extremely affordable in these tough economic times. This new line is also brought in from overseas (not China) and is a very high quality product.

See the NEW Products below and watch for new additions on this website  as we build this Product Line to 40- 50 hoods.

As one of the most important rooms in the house, your kitchen is home to some of the worst air quality, due to the pollution caused by the cooking process.  

The mix of grease, steam, odors, and smoke spread throughout your kitchen as well as your entire house, eventually settling on surfaces with a sticky, smelly, film. You can solve these problems today, by purchasing a Streamline Hood.

The Streamline Range Hood works for you, by capturing all of the smoke and odors. Our powerful blower motors carry the air pollution away from the source, before it has a chance to contaminate your home.


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  Match Your Cabinetry

Silkscreen Your Images
     Any Colored Glass   Any Glass Combo

Our New Line


 Value Priced Range Hoods

Priced Right for Tight Budgets in this Economy!

    • 24 or 36" Width
    • Touch Control Panel
    • 5 Speed w/Timer Function
    • 500 CFM Blower
    • Two -50 Watt Halogen Lamps
    • Aluminum Cassete Filters
    • Filters Dishwasher Safe

 30 or 36" Width
Touch Control Panel - 3 Speed
Timer Function
650 CFM Blower
Two - 50 Watt Halogen Lamps
Aluminum Cassete Filters
Filters Dishwasher Safe

36" Width with Tempered Glass
Touch Control Panel - 3 Speed
Timer Function
650 CFM Blower
Two - 50 Watt Halogen Lamps
Aluminum Cassette Filters
Dishwasher Safe

30" or 36" W w/Tempered Glass
Touch Control Panel- 3 Speed
Timer Function
650 CFM Blower
Two- 50 Watt Halogen Lamps
Aluminum Cassette Filters

Filters  Dishwasher Safe
Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions

Model 2121 - 

Model 3130 --


Model 3150 -- 

3160.jpgModel 3160 --


Environmental Benefits

When it comes to helping your environment, Streamline Hoods' commitment is evident every step of the way. From the production facility in Europe that is optimized to reduce carbon footprint, to inventive methods of working with stainless steel that reduce waste and conserve energy, our commitment to a clean environment is exceeded only by our commitment to clean air in your kitchen. Also, our latest models use long-lasting LED lighting systems, which significantly reduce energy.

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